We have moved, not very far from where we were, to move further on

We have just taken possession of our new headquarters and are happy to have moved in our new premises.

As a matter of fact, physically, our new location is not that far from the location we left. At the turn of its 50th year of company history, Eurocontrol needed to conceive new workspaces to continue growing.

Besides the comforts of the new offices and meeting rooms, we are enthusiastic about the spaces in the workshop, where the electromechanical, electronic, optoelectronic and mechatronic projects and solutions we develop for our customers are hosted. The larger spaces have allowed us to optimize the disposition of the work equipment and tools and we trust will increase efficiency and productivity.

The new headquarters is adjacent to the historical shipyards of Sestri Ponente (east side of Genoa), in a very accessible position, less than five minutes from Genoa’s Airport and very close to both Sestri Ponente’s railway stop and motorway exit. If you plan to land in Genoa, come visit us: we are at few minutes away.