Weapon controls

Systems for weapons: special electric motors, control and power unit, HMI, optical sensor, attitude reference unit, ballistic calculation and tracking of the target.


Eurocontrol designs and manufacture different UPS systems, mainly for Naval applications on board of MCMV (Mine Counter Meausre Vessel) or other military ships.

DC motor starter

Eurocontrol designs and manufactures DC motor starters mainly for Naval and Underwater sector.

AC motor starter

Eurocontrol designs and manufactures AC motor starters mainly for Naval and Underwater sector.

Frequency converter

The long experience of Eurocontrol, cover the two families of the frequency and voltage converters: rotary machines and static cabinets.

Control system

Eurocontrol designs and manufactures electric cabinets to control different systems for on board applications, such as compressors unit, pumps unit, auxiliary propulsion.

Electro optical multi-sensor

We design and manufacture Electro Optical Directors (EOD) for surveillance and target tracking, to be integrated with the onboard Fire Control System (FCS).

Stabilized platform

Eurocontrol projects, develops and manufactures gimbals and stabilized/rotating platform for Naval and Land sectors.

Propulsion motor

Tailor made solutions for AC/DC motors supplied with incorporated feedback sensors, brakes, torque limiters and hand operated drives.


AC and DC motors and generators, servo-motors, high precision linear actuators, motor generator sets and custom designed slip-ring assemblies tailor made solutions.

Day camera

Eurocontrol supplies different type of day cameras with double POV (wide and narrow), or with continuous zoom.